Privacy policy

We (e-Comas - eCommerce Made Simple) collect data about you on our website, for our own use, for marketing purposes and so that we can contact you.
Our data collection is mainly through forms on the website. When you fill out one of these forms – for example, telling us your name, email address and business size – we can use this information to contact you in the most relevant, personal way, whether by getting the right member of our team to call you, or by sending you emails that are relevant to your business.
Our forms and database software are provided by ActiveCampaign.
Occasionally we also collect data through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For example, when we receive messages enquiring about our services, we will save your name and contact information so we can help you.
From time to time we may send you emails and newsletters with useful information about eCommerce. You can opt out of these by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button.
Cookies on our website also collect small amounts of data about you to make the website work better, and for advertising purposes.

Cookie policy

Like most websites, we use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on the user's browser to make the website work better. They act as short-term memory, allowing websites and pages to remember information about you between visits and pages.
If you don't wish to accept cookies, you can disable them on your web browser, but please be aware websites may not work as well without them. Using private browsing – such a Incognito in Chrome, Privacy Browsing in Firefox, InPrivate in Microsoft Edge, and Private Browsing in Safari – means cookies will automatically delete once you close the browser. 


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