How to Achieve Optimal Growth on Amazon with e-Comas

Consultant Support

Consultant Support

e-Comas’s team of experts run multiple accounts on Amazon to give you the keys to faster and greater success. If you are frustrated with Amazon, and aren’t getting the results you expected, our consultants offer four key features:

Group Coaching

With the Amazon Launch Accelerator program you will have access to, and benefit from:
- Strategic group calls
- A group page to answer any questions you may have
- 8 hours of video training which includes homework and tools
- Discounts on tools and software from our partners

The ONLY prerequisite is that you need to have an Amazon Account, and the time to implement what we teach you.


Receive personalised expert advice on your strengths and weaknesses, and how to implement our solutions. Book several hours of training on relevant topics or discuss strategies.

 In-house or Online Training

We offer training online or at your premises of choice, on varied topics, including:
- Brand registration
- Account strategy
- Generating effective content
- Advertising
- Other relevant topics on demand

Enterprise Strategic Consulting

We offer expertise on brand protection, go-to-market strategies, pricing, distribution, negotiations, content management, search and display advertising, and operations form our senior experts for larger corporations. These can be delivered through tailor-made services:
- Brand protection global strategy
- Benchmark studies
- Strategy workshops
- C-Level trainings
- Negotiation training

Amazon Expert Fulfillment Services

Amazon Expert Fulfillment Services

If you don’t have the manpower to drive your sales and brand awareness on Amazon, you can outsource portions or all your operations to our specialists. We’ll focus on your company’s work and develop great products to accelerate you towards success. To achieve this, we offer:

A starter package for sellers

This package includes placing smaller listings on Amazon as soon as possible, with the goal of generating sales. With this package, we will help you with:
- Brand registration
- Opening a seller account
- Keyword research
- Product upload, including text and images
- Setting-up advertising campaigns

Contact us today to get started!

Listing Optimisation

If you lack the content to suit your products, we provide you with copywriting, translation, search engine optimisation, images, and graphic design to amplify your products and, ultimately, promote more conversions and sales.
- Local market keyword research
- Copywriting & SEO Optimisation: Titles, bullet points, description, EBC / A+ content
- Images & graphic designs

Amazon Advertising Management

Let our advertising experts take care of your brand’s search and display advertising. We’ll prepare an advertising plan with you that will suit your brand’s specific targets. We’ll then carry out this game-plan while including regular feedback to boost efficiency.
- Advertising strategy
- Campaign creation: Sponsored products, brands & display
- Brand store creation
- Reporting and on-going optimisation

Amazon Account Management for vendors and sellers

Give us the keys to your Amazon account, and we’ll give you the keys to success! Our project manager and team will take care of everything. This option includes:
- Brand/account health audit - gap analysis
- Brand registration
- Vendor account invite and negotiation
- Opening a seller account
- Keyword research
- Product uploads, including text and images
- Setting up of advertising campaigns
- Daily troubleshooting and communication with Amazon
- Weekly key performance indicator reports
- Monthly strategy reports via calls


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