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Amazon Pricing: Winning Sales with Dynamic Pricing

Thursday 2nd September, 5pm CEST

Adjusting your prices based on market demand is key to succeeding on competitive marketplaces like Amazon. We talk to Ludivine Leidgens from SellerLogic about how to create the right pricing strategy for your Amazon brand. We’ll cover the top dynamic pricing strategies to help you drive revenue and profit growth. Plus, how the right repricing tool can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Ludivine Leidgens,

Capital Advance for Larger eCommerce Sellers

Thursday 16th September, 5pm CEST

Resolving working capital issues can be difficult for eCommerce brands. But they can be fixed with a Capital Advance Loan. Join us as we talk to Tom Meek from Payoneer about how capital advance can provide a solution for your longer-term strategic goals on Amazon. We’ll cover the benefits of capital advance for large sellers and top tips for effectively managing working capital to take your business to the next level.

Tom Meek,

Using a Data Driven Approach to Optimise Amazon Performance

Thursday 30th September, 5pm CEST

How can you turn data into actionable insights to grow your business? Join us as we talk to Andrew Pearl from Profitero about how you can make the best use of your data to exceed customer expectations and improve your sales. We’ll cover the benefits of using daily data to better tailor your strategies and how to apply a data-driven approach to optimise performance.

Andrew Pearl,

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